Private Sector
Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan
completion date:
about the project:
Encompassing a 200,000m2 footprint, Family Mall II is the largest mall in Kurdistan. It combines traditional and modern elements in a contemporary architectural interpretation. Linearly organized, the mall provides a smooth shopping experience for customers and an enjoyable pedestrian environment. By combining various programs, a complex spatial experience is formed. The building reinterprets the urban fabric of the city aiming to create a prominent center of attraction. The main facade measuring 350 meters features a kinetic curtain wall clad with thin aluminum sheets that move and react individually with the high wind speeds in the area. The outcome is a dynamic rippling effect dictated by changes in wind velocity. Our services included consultancy, feasibility study, design and supervision for construction works. The project includes 110 shops, 8 cinemas, 1 skating, 10 restaurants, bowling, indoor electronic games, and 2 large spaces for Istanbuli Home and Carrefour.