Pine Grove Broummana

Den Development
Oyoun Broumana, Lebanon
$ 4,000,000
completion date:
about the project:
Unique serenity, superior luxury, and smart simplicity, all merged in one state of the art residence: Pine Grove.

More and more people are seeking spaces where they can be at one with nature, live in daily peacefulness, and experience practicality and privacy at the same time.

Located in one of the most unique spots between Broumana and Oyoun, Pine Grove is a 6-unit villa complex adjoined on a 1650m2 plot that is immersed under the canopies of a dense cluster of pine trees. The project places residents in a unique natural setting amidst Broumana’s woods. The location is however easily accessible from Beirut via the new Metn Highway.

Pine Grove is the ideal accommodation that combines the tranquility of a mountain house every family dreams of and the practical convenience of the town house every family should have.

Through a contemporary architectural design approach, each unit in Pine Grove comprises of a generous private front and back yard with essential living spaces stacked over 5 levels, where each independent level caters to a specific functional program. Aside from the conventional staircase in a typical mountain house, Pine Grove residents have the option to circulate vertically through the house via an indoor panoramic lift that exposes them simultaneously to the indoor spaces and outdoor natural context. All units are also equipped with an all-inclusive house automation system giving residents full wireless control of the entire house via smartphone or the complementary portable touchpad as well as access to various high-tech auxiliary systems. Pine Grove’s context, architecture, and technology are designed to evoke an exciting living experience suggestive of a contemporary tree-house.

Regardless of the season, residents will enjoy the same outstanding specifications of their units, feeling cool in summer and warm in winter, and most importantly, comfortable and pleased with every minute they spend in their homes.