01 Jan 2015

2015: LDRS is born

an introduction to LDRS Chehab and Partners

In 1979, Abdulwahed Chehab founded his architectural and engineering office (A.Chehab) in Saida, and branched out to Beirut and Tripoli. In 1991, this family business grew internationally through LEADERS with new partners and overseas projects; its headquarters in Beirut and offices worldwide. 

Watch the intro video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IePC8YUxZUs

In 2015, a new generation is born, LDRS, where innovation is at all levels: architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical and BioMedical engineering, with talent, passion, synergy and state of the art tools. 

“We alter architecture and engineering, from a distinct design service into a designed composite product.”

LDRS Chehab and Partners is a multidisciplinary firm addressing the fields of architecture, urban planning, consultancy and engineering, with a wide range of projects from urban master plans, public infrastructure, civic and cultural buildings, hospitals, offices and work spaces to private residences.