Over the last thirty-five years, we have dedicated every minute of our time to the growth of the company and its technical excellence. Our internationality allows us access to a multitude of cultures that we bask in exploring through the architectural terrain. Our cultural and environmental sensitivity have proven to be successful.

But today, having become leaders in the field, we understand that success cannot be reaped without stimulating growth in others. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment.

We strongly believe that real leaders are those who help their partners become and stay front-runners in their own industries. Needless to say, such a noble assignment comes with substantial responsibility.

From our faith that successful projects are the result of successful partnerships comes the hard work we do to develop and sustain excellent relationships with all our clients from the project’s earliest stages and beyond its delivery deadlines.

Mission Statement

To provide full technical support to both the public and private spheres. To alter architecture and engineering from a distinct design service into a designed composite product. To contribute to contemporary architectural discourses and their future shifts.


For us, CSER aims to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions. Through its activities, it aspires to positively impact the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

LDRS has been dedicated to the philosophy that design, in and of itself, is powerful. It has the power to transform our clients’ businesses, as well as enhance their mission. It is the building bedrock behind improving society. In every project, we strive for a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ undertaking, vision, needs, and context, in order to transform their culture and environment. We never get tired promoting sustainability on both the human and environmental levels, and we’re committed to enabling our clients to envision a more sustainable future.

Every year, LDRS contributes the equivalent of a 5-person firm working full-time for pro bono services. This goes to organizations and institutional entities in our communities who would otherwise not have such access.

With a global perspective supported by local engagement, social responsibility is a core value of our firm and is integral to everything we do. While some people argue that CSER distracts from the economic role of businesses, we strongly believe that corporations make better long-term profits by operating with an all-inclusive and humanistic perspective. It is fundamental because it leads to increasing their partaking in sustainable human and environmental development.

*CSER: Corporate, Social, and Environmental Responsibility