Ideas flow more freely when professionals of all relevant disciplines (architects, structural and MEP engineers and many specialist teams) work together creatively from the launch of a project. By doing so, they

combine their knowledge and learn from one another. This allows them to devise sustainable, fully integrated design solutions, with the expertise of the specialist teams underpinning our approach.

Our unified commitment to research and development led us to an unprecedented range of projects around the world. Although design work tends to be focused in Beirut, the Beirut-based Verdun office comprises part of a network of offices spanning four continents and forty time zones. Our practice reflects this rich mix of cultural connections, with a young cosmopolitan team that speaks more than ten languages.

The way we work

From the very beginning, we have pioneered a sustainable approach to design through work that spans the spectrum from master plans to furniture. Our approach is sensitive to location and culture, often combining the latest advances in building technology with techniques drawn from vernacular tradition. We harness the skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of integrated design teams, clients and communities to create inspirational and impactful environments.

From appointment to completion, the teams are supported by numerous in-house disciplines, including project management and a construction review panel. And to ensure consistency and personal service, the same core team sees a project through from beginning to end. The entire design process is assessed and evaluated by a Design Board called SDMS.

SDMS Senior Design Management Staff

The design of each project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally, under the direction of the SDMS. The design board is led by founder and CEO Abdulwahed Chehab, Heads of Design as well as senior architects. The SDMS takes full responsibility and has full authority for design within the office. It has the ability to instigate, change and redirect design as it deems necessary.

While its involvement in the early, conceptual design phases is crucial, SDMS ensures continuity and quality at every stage of a project. It also encourages sharing of expertise across the different project teams. SDMS was created in the spirit of challenging and being challenged. It also plays an important role in stimulating research, and arranging cross-disciplinary design workshops on various issues, such as urban design and sustainability.